SAUTÉED BITTER (KARELA) MELON | with Essentially Chef Beee

It is so important to bring bitters into your diet! It helps to reset the palate and it also helps to introduce you to other flavor profiles.

On Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia’s Instagram LIVE we made a traditional Guyanese bitter dish that is super good for you!

It does take a little getting use to but wonderful to incorporate into your recipe rotation.

We have another cleanse coming up called The Palate Reset on July 19-28th, 2021 – Group 3!

Here is the Link:

This will help to cleanse the body and get your palate right if you have been consuming lots of salt, sugars and processed foods.

Follow Chef Beee: @iamchefbeee to learn more about The Palate Reset, all of her offerings and to stay connected!

If you missed the IG LIVE, you can visit Instagram: @black_vegetarian_society_of_ga to see the replay!

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