Sazerac – The Official New Orleans Cocktail

This cocktail is an important one to have in your repertoire. For a long time it was considered the first cocktail. It’s not, but it’s a great one. The recipe has evolved over time. It used to be made with Brandy and without Absinthe. Until recently, when Absinthe was made legal again in the states, it was made with Herbsaint. Because of it’s turbulent history, there are a lot of variant recipes, but the one we use here is great. It’s the one to master and have ready in your back pocket.

This one is made with the 100-proof, bottled in bond, Rittenhouse Rye, Peychaud’s Bitters (accept no substitutes), a white sugar cube (use a brown sugar cube if you can) and Absinthe Verte by St. George Spirits, which is a personal favorite and comes in the smaller 300ml bottle. It’s usually a good idea to get a small bottle of absinthe because unless you drink it straight or exclusively make cocktails that call for absinthe, you’ll use very little of it in most cocktails, so even the small bottle will last you for a long time.

It’s best to make this drink with an atomizer. You can get one on Amazon or bar equipment specialty stores or at Sephora in the mall. Just make sure not to repurpose an old atomizer that once contained perfume or something. They are cheap and you kind find them in a variety of places. No need to ruin your absinthe with foreign contaminants, not to mention, you do not want to be swilling perfume unless you’re Joaquin Phoenix from The Master.

So, get ready to drown out your Basin Street Blues with a cocktail that’s great for every occasion.

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