Shaking Up 5 Favorite Bourbon Cocktails with Off Hours Bourbon

Today we’ve partnered up with Off Hours Bourbon to bring you. my five favorite shaken bourbon cocktails. Off hours is a Non Distilling Producer which sources its bourbon from MGP (Midwest Grain Products) in Lawrenceburg Indiana. With a mash bill of 75% Corn 21% Rye 4% Malted Barley
and 95 proof it’s a nice and approachable whiskey. The flavor profile has a bunch of oak and opens up to nicely floral notes. Other flavors I can pick out are spearmint, little bit of coconut, peach and maybe a little chamomile. It’s certainly more unique than most MGP stock and definitely worth a try.
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00:00 Intro
00:12 Bourbon Renewal
01:26 Tasting Notes
01:59 Recipe
02:04 Kentucky Buck
03:38 Rebus
03:57 Tasting Notes
04:37 Recipe
04:41 Bourbon Smash
06:04 Tasting Notes
06:28 Recipe
06:32 Paper Plane
07:36 Tasting Notes
08:07 Recipe
08:11 Kentucky Mai Tai
09:31 Tasting Notes
10:06 Recipe
10:13 Off Hours Bourbon
10:42 Tasting Notes
11:33 Outro

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