Speed Up Digestion


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. . Here’s what you need to know about your digestive tract and how to speed up digestion.

Gallbladder Video:

0:00 Improving digestion
0:23 Breaking down the digestive tract—stomach 
2:25 Breaking down the digestive tract—bile 
3:52 Breaking down the digestive tract—enzymes
5:10 Breaking down the digestive tract—flora 
6:05 Breaking down the digestive tract—P.N.S

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to speed up your digestion. If you have constipation, indigestion, gas, bloating, or stomach pain, this video is for you. I’m actually going to break down each part of your digestive tract and explain a little bit about it.

Breaking down the digestive tract:

Stomach —
Acid is the key thing in your stomach. It helps you break down protein, absorb certain minerals, and kill pathogens. Many people do not have enough strong acid in their stomach. 

To support healthy stomach acid levels, consider:
• Hydrochloric acid (betaine hydrochloride)
• Salt 
• Potassium 
• Apple cider vinegar 
• Kombucha tea 

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