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I’m often asked what I recommend and use for digestive compromise as a holistic health practitioner (who also has IBS and is a vegan :))

I recommend the company Enzymedica. FYI: I just realized that I’ve been mispronouncing this company for years- gasp! I guess I was thinking enzymes matter, so in the vid you’ll hear me saying enzy-matica! Haha! Well, they do matter, and the company is ENZYMEDICA 😊
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While they have different formulas for different budgets, I recommend using the Digest Gold with ATP (not probiotics, as many have SIBO- and we want to focus on one thing at a time, namely to repair the brush border enzymes and eradicate bad bacteria before introducing probiotics. Also note that many who have IBS need to find the right probiotic formula, as often gas will result from fermented products and prebiotics).

I have tried their gluten and dairy relief formulas- helpful, but just be aware that they are more like band-aids. Your body will still create inflammation, and will still have to “clean up the mess” (speaking from experience). While their standard formula is budget-friendly, often you will have to take more, so it ends up being more costly than taking the Digest Gold capsules.

Dosage: 1 capsule at start of meal. For small snacks such as yogurt, a piece of fruit, etc. you should not require one:

HCL production decreases after age 40, yet is also important for vegans. Vegans have been shown to have less HCL, as we don’t eat meat. Yet HCL is needed to maintain the acidity of the stomach, acidity also being needed to kill off unwanted bacteria (such as h.pylori).

I recommend Enzymedica’s HCL formula. Dosage: 1 capsule at start of meal:

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