Swedish Bitters for Candida: What Is Your Opinion On Swedish Bitters? | Ask Eric Bakker

I like Swedish Bitters, it is a wonderful herbal medicine that spans back to the 1450’s, a long time ago. Let me explain the virtues of this amazing gut-restorative herbal medicine.

We’re going to talk about Swedish Bitters today. I’ve been working with Swedish Bitters for a long time now, probably 30 years and I’ve been taking it since I was a teenager myself. Swedish Bitters is an amazing formula and that’s the topic today. What is your opinion about Swedish Bitters?

Swedish Bitters has been around since the 1540s. That’s a long time, guys. That’s like 460 years or something. That’s a long time for one herbal medicine. It’s probably the world’s, longest known herbal medicine still in use today. Did they have Prozac in 1540? Probably not. Did they have western medicine in 1540? I don’t think they did. There were no pill pushers. There were no pharmaceutical drugs back then, but there were Swedish Bitters and it worked.

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