🥃 🍸 🍹 Taste of Cyprus Cocktails at TTR The Third Room Distillery Bar Larnaca

💋 Who doesn’t love a great wine cocktail? Anastasios Apostolou is a talented cocktail bartender and one of the creators of The Third Room, a coffee shop, hotel, cocktail bar and boutique distillery. He loves to create wine cocktails using The Anama Concept wines and distillates. In this video, he shares two very special wine cocktail recipes with me. His repertoire includes many Cyprus cocktails, such as commandaria cocktails, as well as cocktails that are based on Cyprus Zivania and Cyprus gin! If you like to discover the best cocktails recipes, keep watching.

Cocktail Ingredients ►

►The Martini Rose
Barrel-aged TTR Gin
Dry Vermouth infused rosé

► The Walnut Old-Fashioned
Ousia Zivania by The Anama Concept
Punt de Mes Aperetivo
Black walnut syrup
Black walnut bitters
Orange bitters

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