Texas Independent Old-Fashioned Cocktail- The Old-Fashioned Way

Making a Texas Independent Old Fashioned Cocktail. Old Fashioned Ways with Doc Martinez. Texan born and raised in the great state of Texas I would not want to miss an opportunity to Celebrate Texas Independent Day.

The Lone Star State is famous for its barbecue and beef brisket, chili, Tex-Mex dishes chile, salsa, margaritas, Frito pie, Dr. Pepper, Shiner Boch beer, and a number of other food and drinks options.

You know what they say: “everything’s bigger in Texas” so let’s make a Texas Independent Old Fashioned.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Texas Independence Day
1:05 Cocktail Quiz
1:22 Texas Famous
1:37 Making TX Ind Old Fashioned
2:10 Cocktail Quiz Answer
2:26 Tasting

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-Start by smoking the glass
-Add ice to a mixing glass
-1/2 oz local Texas honey
-4 dashes of pecan bitters
-4 oz (not 2 oz, Texas Size) Garrison brothers
-Stir till chilled
-Strain into the mesquite-smoked double old fashioned glass with a large ice cube
-Texas candied pecan for garnish

– Mesquite chips
– Texas honey
– Texas candied pecans
– Pecan bitters

My workhorse double jigger :
Japanese style jigger by Cocktail Kingdom:
large shaking tin by Cocktail Kingdom:
small cheater tin by Cocktail Kingdom:
Hawthorne strainer:
Fine mesh strainer by RSVP:
Mixing glass by Mofado:
Hoffman bar spoon by Cocktail Kingdom:
Serrated utility knife by Cuisinart:
Straight paring knife Victorinox:
Double hinged wine key by True:
Metal 2 in 1 lemon lime squeezer-
Julep strainer by Cocktail Kingdom:
Rubber bar mat (6″x12″):
Pitchfork ice pick: still looking for good ones
Ice tongs: still looking for good ones
peeler: still looking for good ones


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