The Art Of The Perfect Foam With The High Tide Cocktail

In this episode we explore using foams to enhance our cocktails!

As I have said many many times on this channel we drink with our eyes as well as our mouths and it could be argued that the visual element is the most important as we first interact with a cocktail through our eyes. Foams should enhance the entirety of a cocktail, they should never be the highlight or overpower a cocktail. When used properly they compliment, contrast and enhance the flavors in the body of the drink, this way they make a more complete whole. In this episode I went with the flavors in a French 75 as inspiration to make a cocktail with an Aperitivo Base complimented with an Elderflower foam (made with St. Germain) a lot of you have been asking me for more cocktails utilizing St. Germain and so here one is! I hope you guys enjoy the episode and the drink!

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