The Bitter Truth About Bitters

Bitters are essential ingredients in the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and any number of other cocktails. These days, it seems like any flavor you’ve ever encountered is available as a bitter. But bitters aren’t any new concoction; actually, they’re central to the history of the cocktail as we know them. In this discussion, we’ll cover topics like what bitters are, why they were invented, and what the difference is between bitters and “drinking bitters” like Campari and Fernet-Branca.

In this discussion, special guest host Camper English, founder of ALCADEMICS.COM, will discuss the cocktail ingredient that has a big flavor impact despite only being used in drops and dashes. Best selling author Amy Stewart, author of THE DRUNKEN BOTANIST, and Lee Egbert, founder and owner of DASHFIRE BITTERS, will join Camper this evening of discussing The Bitter Truth About Bitters.

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