The Drinks Special (Season Finale) || the bad chef – S2E12

|| s2e12 – it’s been a helluva year ||

interestingly enough, when i released the last drinks special season finale, the government had announced they were opening back up. bit of a prank, though, as we shut back down in the last half of 2021, which was when season 2 was written, filmed and edited.

today, in an eerily similar manner, the restrictions have been eased further post-lockdown #2. i’m not sure what tomorrow would bring – but regardless, i’m happy to have been able to share this season with you all. i just wanted to say thank you for what’s been a more low-key, but more intimate and warmer season :’)

it’s only fitting, then, that we do a versatile series of rain-hail-or-shine drinks – whether you’re commiserating, looking to relax, or celebrating, there’s a sweet, citrussy, sour cocktail out there for you.

let’s make ourselves some sours 🙂

|| timestamps ||
0:00 intro
0:23 welcome to the season finale
0:45 i like a bevvy 🙂
1:04 why cocktails?
1:42 what spirits we’re using
1:57 an intro to sours
2:10 the history of sours
3:03 different types of sours
3:35 a table of sours
3:45 drink 1: whiskey sour
4:20 how to: egg whites
4:32 note: aquafaba
4:47 how to: whiskey sour
5:22 drink 1.5: new york sour
5:47 drink 2: gin sour
7:09 drink 3: white lady
8:15 drink 4: caipiroska
9:25 drink 5: daiquiri
10:28 drink 5a: frozen blueberry daiquiri
10:42 drink 5b: fresh mango daiquiri
11:45 conclusion
12:02 safety notes
12:24 outro
12:55 just a few thank yous 🙂
13:55 season outro

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