The Flamingo Is The Perfect Long Drink To Close Out Summer

This drink is an original developed by myself and Brian Tetorakis for the menu at Cole’s French Dip in 2019. The Idea here was to have something light ans refreshing for brunch but also full strength. We had just come into a bunch of bottles of Rhum J.M. Blanc Agricole and it was Brian who brilliantly decided to lengthen the drink with Cucumber Tonic Water. I adapted a few elements of this drink, changing the cucumber tonic to either Regular Tonic or Elderflower Tonic from Fever Tree and changing to cucumber bitters from Bitter Truth. But really any cucumber bitters will do and feel free to change the tonic out for anything you like, just remember to pair the flavored tonic with the cucumber flavor while doing it! I recently made this drink for my episode of Bartender Boomerang with Shannon Mustipher and it reminded me how fire it was! Hope you all enjoy!

0:00 intro
0:39 History
1:34 Cocktail
4:07 Tasting Notes
5:23 Flamingo Q&A
6:00 Banter and Chat
7:09 Virtual Bottles!
8:12 Recipe

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