The JUICIEST BRISKET you'll ever eat: Brisket Confit

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In this video Steve explains how the traditional French cooking technique of confit can be used to make a smoked brisket that is even more tender and flavorful than usual. If you’re looking for an amazing brisket recipe, this is the one for you!





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Dalstrong Knives:

– Valhalla Fillet (viking) Knife:

– 14″ Slicing Knife:

MEATER + & MEATER block:

BBQ Buying Guide

Oklahoma Joes Fire Basket:

Thermapen ONE:

Cutting board (get a big one with juice channels, trust me):

Cotton and black nitrile gloves (use them both for heat + liquid protection):

Heavy duty rubber gloves (When you get sick of throwing out all your disposable gloves):

Reynolds Wrap Pitmasters Choice Aluminum Foil (for wrapping):

Butcher paper (also for wrapping):

Wood chunks (for the Oklahoma Joe’s, Weber Kettle, WSM etc.):

Wood chips (for electric smokers):
Pellets (for pellet grills):

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