The New York City classic METROPOLE COCKTAIL – Absolute Classic Monday LIVE!!!

Mondays are for Classic Cocktails.

The Metropole Hotel and Cafe was an unforgettable. It was right off of time square in the late 1800s and Early 1900s and while other New York hotels in that area were catering to the Rich and Famous, The Metropole catered to any one who could pay. The most infamous criminals in New York would often find themselves holed up in the Metropole. The all night license didn’t help with the crowd either. This cocktail was the house drink of this infamous hotel and has all the dark mystery of the hotel itself. Let’s make one of these, ya palookas, and taste a little of New York’s Criminal underbelly.

The Metropole
2 oz. Brandy
.75 oz. Dry Vermouth
1 dash Orange Bitters
2 Dashes Peychauds Bitters
Dash Simple Syrup

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