The Shipwreck: Happy Hour Cocktails Aged Rum, Bourbon, Lime, Mint, Angostura

From Classic Cars to vintage Tiki Bars! Lola Bossanova is NOT a professional and thusly you should take all of her cocktails with a degree of caution…. (READ MORE)

Lola mixes them how she feels. Lola drinks what she wants.

This is in no any way intended to be a professional take on cocktails. If you start to experience sweating or a sudden urge to correct Lola’s recipes, ungentlemanly speech or manners, lack of ability to be civil, a flash of mansplaining, or the inability to just chill and have fun, perhaps you need one of Lola’s drinks yourself.

So sit back and enjoy a quiet happy hour cocktail with Lola Bossanova in the Atomic Bikini Grotto where the bartender is always correct.

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