The Sonic Screwdriver ☄ A Dr. Who Cocktail | TARDIS Blue

The Sonic Screwdriver is a cocktail designed in the theme of Dr. Who, created blue (for the more recent season design to match the TARDIS).

Personally, my favorite Dr. Who character so far has been David Tennant but I’ve not watched all the seasons of Dr. Who yet. This cocktail contains both London Dry Gin (after the region of Dr. Who), Thyme simple syrup, for the “Time Lord” and has the right color as well.

Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters:
6 Easy Gin Cocktails:

Sonic Screwdriver
– 2 oz. gin
– 3/4 oz. thyme simple syrup
– 1/2 oz. grapefruit juice (fresh)
– 1/2 oz. orange juice (fresh)
– 1/2 oz. blue curacao
– 1 bar spoon luxardo maraschino liqueur (1/4 oz.)
– 4 Dashes Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters
– flamed orange peel garnish
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