Tiki Cocktail: Suffering Bastard

Note on this drink: There is a typo in the video which has 4oz as 30ml we are aware of it and thin it’s a small enough mistake to not take down the video to fix, just know that we are aware that 4oz is 120ml thanks! Sorry! Sometimes these slip through the cracks!

The Suffering Bastard was created by legendary globetrotting barman Joe Scialom at the famous Shepheard Hotel in Cairo sometime in the late 1940’s. The drink was all but forgotten until tiki historian and barman Jeff Berry resurrected it. Although created during Tiki’s golden era and considered a Tiki drink by many, it lacks many of the tropical flavors of most tiki drinks and doesn’t have one lick of rum in it and so it so I usually put it in the Tiki-esque category. According to PUNCH this is the drink which fortified Bernard Mongomery’s soldiers during WWII as they pushed Rommel back in North Africa.

Tutorial starts: 1:03

Here’s links to the tools I use in this episode:
Barfly Shaking Set:
Barfly Hawthorn Strainer:
Barfly Fine Strainer:
Barfly Copper Measuring Cup:
Japanese Bitters Dasher:
Angostura Bitters:
Mercer Bar Knife Set:

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