Top 10 Herbs for Lung Health, Clearing Mucus, COPD, and Killing Viruses

How can you use Herbs can clear mucus from your lungs, kill viruses, and fight infections? Watch the video to find out!
💥 Herbs to Clear Mucus [Full Guide] ➜ ➜ ➜

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➡️ Top Recommended Herbal Supplements:
▪ Elderberry ➜
▪ Mullein ➜
▪ Ginseng ➜
▪ Astragalus ➜
▪ Eucalyptus ➜

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➡️ 1. Ginseng
It’s an herb that has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. Ginseng is known for its potent antioxidant properties which work well for fighting inflammation. Not only is this beneficial for your lungs, it’s also good for pretty much all the organs and systems of the human body.

➡️ 2. Osha Root
The roots of this herb contain several components that can provide a boost to your lungs and respiratory system. Specifically, it helps increase blood circulation to the lungs which, in turn, helps improve oxygenation throughout the entire body.

🟦 Examples include:
▪ Cough
▪ Sore throat
▪ Bronchitis
▪ Common colds

➡️ 3. Eucalyptus
The eucalyptus tree has been a source of food for wildlife for centuries, but it wasn’t until later on that humans discovered its positive health benefits. The leaves of a eucalyptus tree can be distilled and diluted into an essential oil which can be used for medicinal purposes such as treating sinus congestion, common cold, fever, and other respiratory ailments.

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