Leaf yellowing or leaf browning and burning at tips and edges is a common scene to everyone who does gardening. In today’s episode we will look into top 10 reasons for leaf yellowing and leaf browning or burning at tips and edges along with the solutions and will also show you few related simple gardening tricks and hacks to treat these problems.

When you see leaves of your plant turning yellow or burning or browning at it tips or edges, it’s time to investigate and find out the possible cause and solution to it. You must be aware of these problems to keep your plants stress free and healthy! The First broad diagnosis that should come to your mind is – YOUR PLANT IS IN STRESS and then you further start investigating and finding out the exact reason for this problem.

Please watch this episode till the end, we will start listing the top 10 reasons for this problem in descending order.

One Simple Common sense Hint here for watering is: Generally, Indoor plants are more prone to over watering and outdoor plants are more prone to under watering.

Leaf Chlorosis due to Nutritional deficiencies, either due to poor quality potting soil or absorption issues due to improper soil PH. Lack of uptake of major and minor nutrients in the plant like nitrogen and also certain mineral deficiencies like iron, manganese, zinc and other can cause unique leaf yellowing patterns. You can watch my detailed episode on diagnosing these various patterns of leaf yellowing from related videos linked below in the description.

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