Vader Old Fashioned Cocktail- Star Wars Cocktail-

So we are going to start celebrating Star Wars day by making this first Star Wars Old Fashioned Cocktail. Today we are making a Vader Old Fashioned. Star Wars Day is upon us once again!

Star Wars Day was started by Star Wars fans and is a day dedicated to the celebration of the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas. The first large organized Star Wars event took place in 2011 in Toronto. Believe it or not, the fact that ‘May Fourth’ sounds similar to ‘May the force’ is the sole reason why fans of the Star Wars franchise decided that Star Wars Day would be celebrated on May 4th. Fun fact: another day that Star Wars Day is celebrated in the year is May 25. As It marks the release anniversary of the first movie in the series, A New Hope, in 1977.

So let’s start making the delightfully dark-sided Darth Vader Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Most Impressive

Thank you for joining me on another journey down the Old Fashioned Rabbit hole. May the Fourth Be with You! And happy Star Wars Day.

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Angostura bitters-
Orange bitters-
Woodford reserved double oak
Jar Jar of Luxardo Cherries-
Orange wheel
Sugar cube-
Brown sugar-
151 Liquor
Cherry wood chips-

My workhorse double jigger:
Japanese style jigger by Cocktail Kingdom:
large shaking tin by Cocktail Kingdom:
small cheater tin by Cocktail Kingdom:
Hawthorne strainer:
Fine mesh strainer by RSVP:
Mixing glass by Mofado:
Hoffman bar spoon by Cocktail Kingdom:
Serrated utility knife by Cuisinart:
Straight paring knife Victorinox:
Double hinged wine key by True:
Metal 2 in 1 lemon-lime squeezer-
Julep strainer by Cocktail Kingdom:
Rubber bar mat (6″x12″):
Pitchfork ice pick: still looking for good ones
Ice tongs: still looking for good ones
peeler: still looking for good ones


0:00 Intro
1:24 Cocktail Quiz
1:35 Anakin
2:35 star wars day
3:12 ingredients
3:38 make Vader
4:45 Cocktail Quiz Ans
5:10 tasting

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