Weird Mystery Box of Cotton Candy Unboxing 22 Crazy Flavors Taste Test & Review! Asbury Park Candy

Taste testing 22 crazy, never before seen flavors of cotton candy. I contacted the Asbury Cotton Candy Company and asked them to send me one of everything they had. This is not a sponsored video, I paid for it. I just wanted to try these unheard of flavors. They did not disappoint. They even sent some flavors that were not on the site when I ordered. I did a full taste testing and review of every flavor they sent. All of their cotton candies are Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-free, No Artificial Flavors or Colors. How do they do it? This is crazy! There are some really amazing flavors! I hope you enjoy the video!

00:00 Intro and Unboxing
00:02:20 View of full box
00:03:05 Unveiling the flavors
00:07:40 Taste Test Begins
00:07:49 Love Me Some Lemons
00:09:25 Berry Me (strawberry)
00:10:25 Banana Oh Mana
00:11:18 Whoa Marshmallow
00:13:00 Till’s Toasted Almond
00:14:15 Mork and Minty Nanu Nanu
00:15:13 Cuckoo for Coconut
00:16:00 Peppermint Swirl
00:17:10 BubbleYUM
00:18:37 Sinfully Cinnamon
00:20:05 Bean Dreaming of Vanilla
00:21:10 Plain Cane
00:22:10 Bitters Sweet (Angostura bitters)
00:23:16 Marvelous Mango (spicy)
00:25:03 Gimme Gimme Grapefruit
00:26:30 (I Wish I Was In) Key West Key Lime
00:27:39 Bring on the Bubbly (Champagne)
00:28:50 Rose on the Water
00:31:15 If you like Pina Colada
00:32:07 Vanilla Funfetti with sprinkles!
00:33:10 Creamy, Dreamy Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel * With black Hawaiian salt
00:35:00 Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
00:37:25 Overall review

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