What are COCKTAIL BITTERS | Bartending Basics & Beginner Home Bar Essentials | Drinkstuff

In this video, I’m going to tell you what are Cocktail bitters and how to use Cocktail Bitters in Cocktails. Cocktail Bitters like Angostura Bitters, Fee Brothers Bitters, are cocktail ingredients. They are a vital ingredient to a lot of cocktail recipes.

Drinkstuff videos should give you Drinks & Cocktail Inspiration, to help you to make easy cocktails at home bar. which is perfect for bartending for beginners. The Easy Cocktail Recipes we use are as simple as I can make them for your Home Bars. I use simple Mixology skills to show you how to drink your favourite Spirits and maybe help you create your own Cocktail Recipe, which will help you on your way to make easy cocktails to make at home! These Videos should provide you with ideal bartender training.

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