What Happens When You Eat 5 Walnuts Every Day

Scientists have proved that regular consumption of seeds and nuts is incredibly good for your health and appearance. Today, we’ll talk about walnuts. If you eat just a handful of them a day, you’ll see all kinds of positive changes in your health and wellness! You’ll definitely like what you see in the mirror too!

Did you know, for example, that antioxidants found in walnuts neutralize those free radicals? This helps skin regain its elasticity and you get youthful radiant skin! And it’s only one among a number of the great benefits of eating walnuts. So how much of those is enough to stay young and healthy? What exactly will happen if you actually start eating them every day? Let’s figure out!

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Less hair fall 0:52
Faster stronger hair growth 1:29
Stronger nails 1:56
Youthful radiant skin 2:20
Cold and flu 3:10
Better concentration 3:44
A good mood 4:17
Weight loss 4:55
Easier workouts 5:34
A big helping of essential vitamins and nutrients 6:18
❗️ Things you should be aware of ❗️ 6::43
👉 Walnut therapy 👈 7:28
Counterfeit walnuts? What the… 😒 7:55

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– Eating your daily dose of walnuts will help prevent hair loss. These brainy-looking nuts contain selenium, an essential mineral for our bodies to carry out some basic functions.
– Walnuts have another fancy element called biotin, which not only helps with hair fall, but also makes your hair grow faster!
– Any time you’re dealing with stuff that’s good for your hair, you can pretty much guarantee it’ll help your nails out too.
– That same selenium stuff that makes your hair thick and strong is also vital for your immune health. You see, you need your body’s defense system to be strong so that all that nasty stuff out there in the world doesn’t make you sick.
– According to one Harvard study, eating walnuts every day improves cognitive performance.
– Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s help your body produce more of that hormone to keep all negativity away!
– A study showed that people who consumed smoothies containing walnuts had a notable decrease in cravings for junk food.
– Walnuts contain a ton of magnesium, which plays a huge role in exercise performance.
– Overall, walnuts are just a great source of all the good stuff your body needs that you might not be getting enough of in your regular diet.
– People who are prone to eczema breakouts or ulcers should consume walnuts carefully to prevent them from triggering any skin conditions.
– Just 5 – 8 walnuts are more than enough. Otherwise, they might cause bloating and even headaches.

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