What You Need to Know about Liver Detox | SFT TV Episode 10

Did you know that spring is the perfect season for doing a liver detox? Do you understand the connection between a detox and your hormones? On this episode, we’ll be talking all about detoxing – what it means from a Chinese medical perspective, foods and supplements that help with detoxing, and the importance of detoxing for hormonal health. We’ll also talk about what contributes to toxicity in your body, a gene mutation that can get in the way of detox, and answers to listener’s questions that came in during the livestream. Join us and learn what you need to know about liver detox!

What factors contribute to toxicity in our bodies?

There are many things that contribute to toxicity in our bodies. From alcohol and cigarettes to antibiotics and stress, we’ll talk on this episode about all the different factors that lead to toxicity and create health issues. Listen in and learn about foods and behaviors to avoid, symptoms that let you know that your body is dealing with toxins, and when and how you should do a liver detox.

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