What's in the pantry and talking about the crossover groceries

Hi lovelies,

In this video I am showing what’s in my pantry at the moment and trying to get some ideas from you on meals I can use them for where I don’t have to buy much extra foods.

I have also tried to reorganize it in low budget, self sufficient way, using jars that I have been collecting from different foods, the labels from packages so it’s not the 5 star magazine pantry but it works for me in the meantime. Maybe one day I will get my dream kitchen/ pantry too. Dream in progress 😁

I am also chatting a bit about groceries that don’t get used in one week so if you are watching my videos from the beginning you will see that sometimes I don’t need to buy veggies and fruit or meat because I still have left from previous hauls.

Please take some time to check this out, it’s my longest video, and give me some meal ideas. I am also happy to try things from different cultures.

cheers peeps 🍹

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