Why is my Coffee Bitter? Part 1: DEEP DIVE INTO BITTER ESPRESSO

The first of a two part series, I deep dive into many reasons your coffee will taste better, starting with your coffee beans themselves.

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00:00 Intro
00:55 What does Bitterness “Taste” Like?
2:18 Where you mostly taste bitterness in the mouth
3:41 Understanding what coffee you have
4:22 Which coffee family tastes more bitter?
5:28 How coffee quality affects the taste
6:36 Why cheap coffee is going to taste bitter
8:22 Why a higher altitude makes coffee sweeter
9:28 How to fix bitterness with your brewing time
10:24 What the perfect extraction should look like
11:08 COFFEE HACK: What to do if you have poor quality coffee
12:00 TDS: Total Dissolved Solids – what is means and how it affects bitterness
12:52 Recap

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