Why You Should Eat Bitters

Take bitters and enzymes if you want to help your digestive process function better.

A really easy way to do this is with apple cider vinegar.

It’s something that many people have in their homes, has that nice vinegar, bitter taste.

What that does is it makes your stomach salivate just like your mouth kind of salivates, like it kind of puckers your mouth?

What happens in your stomach as well, and that salivation is digestive secretions and stomach acid that help to break down your food.

This is an old-school technique.

You may have heard of taking a shot of bitters or digestifs after meals that are very traditional preparations in European countries.

It’s a very old-school technique that’s been around for thousands of years, taking a bitter herbal cocktail to kind of get the digestive juices flowing and help your body to secrete stomach acid.

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