Wide Awake Old Fashioned with Homemade Coffee Bitters

The Wide Awake Old Fashioned is no slouch in the cocktail department. It can be made even more aggressive by utilizing a higher proof bourbon (which is pretty normal in the bourbon world.) This cocktail, while it can be bourbon-potent, has a great deal of oak-driven whiskey flavor that is enjoyable and not burning.

Now, introduce muted coffee notes from the homemade coffee bitters and a little zesty orange. Not very sweet, as the sugar plays against a Wild Turkey 101.

Homemade Coffee Bitters:
Wide Old Fashioned Glasses:

The Wide Awake Old Fashioned
1 Sugar Cube (or 1/2 tsp sugar), 3 Dashes Coffee Bitters, 1 Tsp Club Soda, 2 oz. Bourbon
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