Paloma Grapefruit Syrup - Review

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Orange may be the new black, but grapefruit is the new tonic. The shop has recently added two grapefruit soda concentrates, and they’ve been seeing heavy rotation in our highball cocktail sipping. With totally different flavor profiles, make room in the fridge for both and mix up a Paloma by combining with tequila and a splash of soda water.

  • Top Hat Ruby Go Wild is the authentically juicy choice, so natural tasting it could be mistaken for fresh-squeezed. Ruby Red is front and center, with touches of wild hibiscus, citrus shrub, and a gorgeous pink profile. Its softness takes on additional citrus well, so garnish with a lime wedge, or shake with lime juice and serve up to make grapefruit margaritas. Mix with blanco or reposado tequilas, mezcal, all types of gin, and barrel-aged spirits.
  • Speed Craft Grapefruit Cream is bright, potent, and super tart, think grapefruit soda meets sourpatch kid.  Highly aromatic, with tropical pineapple and passionfruit, and a little touch of vanilla. No need for a lime wedge – pops of citrus oil take care of that, with viscosity that lends a great mouthfeel, and a subtly pink and amber tone. We love this one with blanco tequilas, mezcal, big juniper-driven gins, and clear spirits.


Melissa Watson is our resident gin expert but her passion runs just as deeply for vermouths, apertifs and amaros - needless to say her favorite cocktail is a Negroni. When she isn't sharing her cocktail know-how in-store, she is sharing it online while running Bitters and Bottles social media.

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