17 Best CBD Infused Drinks To Help You Relax And Unwind

Are you looking for a way to relax after a long, stressful day? CBD-infused drinks might be the answer for you since CBD is known for its calming properties.

The options seem endless when it comes to CBD drinks, but with so many out there, which one should you try first? We’ve put together a list of our favorite CBD-infused drinks to help you relax and de-stress.

Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or something else, there is sure to be a drink on this list that suits your taste. So, why not give these drinks a try? Who knows, you might just find your new favorite drink!

Our Top Picks

Kickback aims to alleviate tension and deliver a functional chill by using organic, high-quality hemp-infused items. All their products are vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar, THC-free, and third-party tested—so you won’t have to worry! Plus, their hemp CBD is also 5-10 times stronger, giving you that kick in the back!

Kickback’s Lemony Lemon lemonade is the perfect drink for when you need to chill out and de-stress. These delicious functional lemonades are made with real lemon juice, real fruit purees, and organic hemp extract to help you stay calm throughout the day and remain focused on what matters.

This lemonade drink is a great way to enjoy the benefits of hemp extract without having to smoke or vape, and they’re perfect for those who are looking for a more natural way to reduce stress and anxiety.

So if you want a delicious and natural way to relax, Kickback’s Lemony Lemon lemonade is the perfect choice for you.

Mad Tasty Unicorn Tears CBD Sparkling Water


Mad Tasty was established by Ryan Tedder in 2018 when he was on the lookout for the ultimate functional and refreshing drink. He then built a team of beverage aficionados and veterans who believe that what you drink directly impacts your health, well-being, and social experiences.

Together, they produce CBD beverages that are the perfect mix of clarity and serenity without the high. Their best CBD drinks are tested at each stage to verify that only the good stuff is added and all the bad stuff is removed.

Unicorn Tears, one of their sparkling waters, will add some magic to your day with its refreshing and exotic flavor. Made from natural fruit flavors, this beverage is perfect for anyone looking to fit in a little more wellness into their daily routine without adding unnecessary stress to what they’re already dealing with!

As a bonus, there are no additives needed because we use hemp extract instead—meaning you get all the benefits without any earthy aftertaste whatsoever!

Cloud Water Blood Orange & Coconut + 25 mg Hemp Extract (12 pk)

Cloud Water is a company on the quest to provide people with delicious, refreshing wellness beverages. They believe that everyone should take time for themselves and appreciate their lives, so they’re offering up 25 mg of pure bioavailable CBD in flavors like—grapefruit, mint & basic, tea & lemonade, watermelon & ginger, and the Blood Orange & coconut drink—all without any THC!

Cloudwater’s Blood Orange & Coconut sparkling water is a refreshing and flavorful way to enjoy CBD. Made with all-natural ingredients, it is sweetened with organic wildflower honey and contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Its unique blend of CBD and sparkling water offers a light and refreshing way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Each bottle contains 40 calories and provides 25mg of pure, bioavailable hemp extract. 

The Blood Orange & Coconut sparkling water is certified kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, and eco-friendly. It is also THC free, making it a safe and enjoyable way to consume CBD.

Cleen Craft Hemp Extract Beverage

Clean Craft’s innovative drinks can power your mood and deliver some of alcohol’s positive side effects without the negative aspects. They started a mission to create something that would allow the body to function in a more balanced way through the use of nootropics and natural ingredients.

Sprig CBD Soda

Sprig is a company based in Newport Beach, California that aims to create CBD-infused drink that consumers will want more and more. They use only top-quality hemp extract from licensed sustainable American farms, which means their drink contains no impurities or negative side effects.

With 50+ years in beverage canning experience and only using pure ingredients, they’re confident about what makes them different—delivering delicious taste without sacrificing health. Each can of Sprig has 20mg of THC-free CBD and other natural, healthy ingredients.

Recess Mood Sparkling Water

If you want to stay calm in a stressful circumstance, just pop a can of Recess Mood, which is relaxing sparkling water. The brand started its best CBD drinks and powder production line in 2018, where it utilized the Instagram feed to spread the news about its offerings. 

Recess Mood is popular for having magnesium and adaptogen components. Magnesium is an essential mineral that mainly helps nerve and muscle functions. Immunity strengthening, blood sugar and blood pressure regulation, better sleep promotion, and stress reliever are all the benefits provided by the mineral.

This drink is filled with powerful ingredients to lift the mood and have an openness to whatever life may bring. Ginseng, L-theanine, and lemon balm are some of the functional components. All of these are also incorporated into the stick packs in powder form, perfect when traveling or packing to work.

Harney and Sons CBD Teas

Harney & Sons was established in 1983 by John Harney. Their mission is to offer high-quality tea products at a fair price. They provide hand-picked, full-leaf tea from the world’s most prestigious tea gardens and estates.

Their CBD teas are created entirely of natural ingredients and provide wellness to your mind, body, and soul. Harney & Sons offers various CBD teas to help you find your ideal brew. The dosage level varies among each offering, so there’s something for everyone! 

Whether it be flavor or effects, we’ve got what will suit any need with these tasty blends that won’t disappoint!

Aurora Elixirs Hemp Sparkling Beverages

Aurora Elixirs is a woman-owned and managed company specializing in effervescent whole-plant infused drinks. Their botanical mixtures aim to accentuate their whole plant extracts’ earthy, citrus, and floral aspects. They bring the benefits of cannabinoids to a whole new audience with their creative concoctions.

The refreshing taste of Aurora’s Hemp collection is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. These botanically-inspired sparkling waters are infused with 25mg broad-spectrum hemp extract, which makes them potent enough to make anyone feel relaxed!

64oz Butterfly Effect – Premium

NessAlla Kombucha was formed in 2008 in Wisconsin, and their brewery was one of the pioneers in terms of craft Kombucha. They only use organic and fair trade ingredients in their CBD drinks because they want to make a difference for the communities and environment. 

In 2019, they released a line of hemp-derived CBD-infused kombuchas: Magic Matcha, Butterfly Effect, and J-Hops. These three flavors are tasty and come with special hand-drawn and elaborately painted label designs to ensure that you’ll enjoy the experience.

Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Infused Tea

Iconic American music legend Willie Nelson is known for his vast experience and discerning taste when it comes to cannabis. He founded the company, which has created some of CBD’s highest-quality selections with natural ingredients sourced from premium sources that provide calmness so you can get on with your life the legendary way!

Willie’s Remedy offers a collection of herbal teas infused with broad-spectrum hemp extract, tea leaves and soothing herbs. They are all processed naturally to protect the delicate nature of each plant while preserving its flavor without sacrificing tranquility for every cup.

Mood33 Hemp Infused Herbal Tea

Mood33 is on a mission to provide people with helpful hemp-plant nutrients through simple, natural beverages. Their CBD drinks are delicately sweetened for four happiness-inducing fruit-forward tastes that will leave you feeling revived and ready to take on the day!

Handcrafted with potent botanicals, their teas will help you achieve your desired state of mind in every sip. The company’s herbal blend, using only high-quality ingredients and infusing 33mg of full-spectrum organic hemp—tastes like a full body massage at a cellular level.

CannaNano CBD Water

Founded and created by a team of scientists, the CannaNano CBD products use state-of-the-art technology when formulating hydration commodities with nutrients that are completely natural and sustainable.

Their CannaNano CBD water is produced from local sources that go through a series of filters to ensure purity. The process includes carbon filtration, 2 sub-micron filtrations, and UV filtration. It also undergoes solar thermal energy evaporation and condenses into purified rain inside the tank. The final process includes ozonation before being bottled for drinking.

CBD Living CBD Water

The interest of CBD Living in embracing the science of CBD is pushing forward with products that are far better than other hemp-derived cannabinoids available. 

Founded in Corona, California, in 2013, CBD Living’s mission is to design products that reduce CBD molecules into smaller particles without adding emulsifiers or any other ingredients which would change its consistency. This nanotechnological process increases the body’s absorption rate of CBD by up to 90% when consumed.

CBD Living’s flagship product, CBD water, was produced in 2014 and has undergone several improvements. Their newest version’s bravado consists of 10mg of nano-CBD per BPA & BPS-free bottle. It has an alkalinity of 9 pH to decrease any inflammation and acidity in the body.

Quatreau CBD-Infused Sparkling Water

Quatreau is a superior, top-selling ready-to-drink CBD-infused sparkling water. Containing 20 mg of American-grown hemp-based CBD, Quatreau offers four invigorating flavors—Cucumber Mint, Passion Fruit Guava, Ginger Lime, and Blueberry Acai.

Quatreau’s CBD is carefully and sustainably sourced from American farmers and is 3rd party lab tested for purity and potency. Quatreau’s CBD is derived from all organic ingredients and has a variant that includes THC.

Our featured Quatreau variant, CBD Ginger Lime Sparkling Water, is the perfect drink to have when you need an energy boost but don’t want any taste or smell of marijuana in your system. The product contains 20 mg of hemp-derived cannabidiol, which provides benefits without making people feel intoxicated.

It also has no THC, so there isn’t even anything psychoactive about this particular flavor! Plus, the ginger root helps calm anxiety while lime zest gives mood boosts.

Kalo Hemp Infused Seltzer

VandeVrede, the family behind the Kalo brand and has been involved in food production for over 50 years. They created their own CBD-Infused drinks to empower people with an option that is healthier than traditional methods of relaxation or entertainment, which can be heavily associated with alcohol consumption.

Kalo’s mission has always been to provide natural, effective, and safe products for those who want the best. With their CBD-infused seltzer, they can deliver a ready-to-drink mixer free from preservatives or any artificial flavor– you can enjoy it without worrying about compromising your health. 

Kalo’s richness is available in eight flavors—Pomegranate Peach, Lemon Lavender, Raspberry Lime, Strawberry Watermelon, Black Cherry, Blood Orange Mango, Ginger Lemonade, and Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Bimble Sparkling Beverage

Jay and Janet, the producers of Bimble, could not handle the guilt of not letting other people experience euphoria. They initially both had different jobs but decided to focus on beekeeping and gardening, jobs that essentially generate the main elements of their drinks: Vermont honey and industrial hemp.

Bimble’s sparkling beverages incorporate 25 mg of the best grade, locally-derived chemicals mainly found in a cannabis plant. It focuses on full-spectrum CBD drinks that are manufactured with pure CBD isolate to provide you with a relaxing dosage without any bad side effects.

Present Sparkling Water Natural

When you’re pushing your body to its limits, it’s crucial that you need something refreshing in order to energize it. This is why Present aims to provide the best products it can for its consumers, and that’s why Present created its own CBD-infused sparkling water.

Founded in Colorado, this USDA Certified company produces its own hemp from seeding, cultivating, harvesting, extracting, distilling, and packaging. They ensure that all their ingredients are organically made from start to finish.

CBD-Infused Drinks Buying Guide

Generally, the primary purpose of purchasing CBD-infused drinks is to unwind and be in serenity. How would you experience these things if you keep stressing about the legality of consuming the beverages?

Before purchasing, be sure to research the lawfulness and restrictions of CBD consumption in whichever state you currently are in.

Consider brands that operate in states where marijuana was first legalized, such as Colorado, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Washinton. They’re more likely to deal with competent cannabis and hemp producers that already have protocols, regulations, and monitoring mechanisms ensuring a superior product for you.

Purchase your CBD-infused beverages from reputable vendors. Find a trustworthy retailer or a specialist with experience with CBD to guarantee you’re getting premium-quality CBD drinks. Health stores must guarantee that the items they offer will satisfy specified criteria. 

Staff should be knowledgeable about all of the things they offer and be able to provide appropriate advice. Trustworthy brands should provide third-party lab reports.

Avoid items from companies that refuse to disclose information or utilize ambiguous packaging labeling.

  • Hemp Growth and Cultivation Environment

The right cultivation practices and farming conditions are crucial for high-quality hemp. Proper growing of hemp results in exceptional extracted CBD oil, leading to a superb infused relaxing drink. 

The cultivation process of brands shows their dedication and desire to deliver great end products. The ideal climate for healthy growth is sunny, exhibiting warm and bright conditions. 

Potent cannabis plants, such as cannabis Sativa, are produced when high UV exposure is paired with low humidity at the appropriate temperature.

Flavor and smell play a huge role in the whole drinking experience of the CBD-infused beverage category. People’s end goal is to be relaxed, but it is important that they also appreciate the whole process by enjoying a good-tasting aromatic drink. 

Currently, many brands and companies are emerging, and each one has something interesting and different to give. Each manufactures various types of CBD-forward sparkling waters with innovative flavor profiles. It all depends on the consumers to explore and find what suits best for them.

CBD Infused Drinks FAQ

1. What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most common active component in cannabis or marijuana. While CBD is an important aspect of medical marijuana, it is either directly extracted from the hemp plant, which is a relative of marijuana. 

CBD is one of the multiple substances in marijuana, but it is non-psychoactive or does not produce a “high” on its own. According to a World Health Organization report, the chemical demonstrates no effects suggestive of any misuse or dependency potential.

CBD oil-based is available by prescription as an effective anti-seizure drug. Other medical conditions that the chemical is used to treat are anxiety, muscle pains, Parkinson’s disease, etc. 

However, more scientific investigations are required to back up these claims and comprehensively prove their significant benefits and safety.

2. Is CBD legal?

CBD is widely available in most regions of the United States, despite its legality still constantly changing. CBD is legal in all 50 states, with different degrees of restrictions. 

The Farm Bill of 2018 declares hemp legal in the US, which does not wholly and necessarily legalize the chemical. However, it is nearly hard to keep CBD banned since it can only be extracted from hemp.

3. What is the “entourage effect”?

More than 120 phytocannabinoids, a structurally varied group of constitutional chemical compounds in the genus Cannabis, are found in cannabis plants. Two of the most well-known naturally occurring chemicals are CBD and THC, which can be taken independently or in combination.

However, many studies show that combining both with terpenoids or terpenes (smaller chemical components found in the cannabis plant) has a more substantial effect than taking CBD or THC separately. 

The synergy of the compounds develops the “entourage effect.” This is the belief that all of the components in cannabis operate together and generate a better impact when ingested collectively than when taken separately.


CBD-infused drinks are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They’re a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day, and there are plenty of options to choose from so you can find the perfect one for you. 

If you want to try out this latest trend in relaxation, we’ve got you covered. We hope our list of the best CBD-infused drinks has helped you decide on which one to buy first.

Which of the drinks above do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below!


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