2021 Antique Bottle Digging Dump Digging #51 ~ Liquor Bottles, Stoneware Tea Pot, Labeled Turpentine

MARBLE #19… for 2021
Another fantastic bottle dig at the old reliable bottle dump and a smoking chimpanzee. Clean up/recap portion of video displays a labeled Turpentine bottle… enjoy


Old Homestead Ginger Beer Full Pint Minard’s Liniment Florida Water spin mold turn mold Mason Jars Oil Lamp Globe ginger beer skull and crossbones poison liq. iodine olive oil
Stafford’s Ink blown in mold BIM Carter’s Cone Ink Carter’s Ink Manganese Glass perfume with glass stopper Kepler extract bottle Antituberculosis serum Shoo Fly flask
Chesebrough Vaseline New York Metal Detecting 1800’s Cellar Hole
Dr. Wood’s Norway Pine Syrup Poison Iodine Tincture Of Camphor Saigon Cinnamon Rhubarb Extract Witch Hazel Old English Vanishing Cream coffin flask relics
Scott’s emulsion cod liver oil with lime and soda Dr. Hubbard’s disinfectant deodorant and germicide New Hampshire usa awl tea strainer crock stoneware bead
clay marble cobalt coffin poison carbolic acid use with caution O.C.P. Ontario College Of Pharmacy Jos Middleby Jr Inc. Boston Mass. Havey & Wilson Eastport Maine Pure Spring soda bottle Nu Grape soda Canadian Jewel Mason Jar lid Father John’s Medicine Kendall S Spavin Treatment
Excelsior Old English Ginger Beer Calais and St. Stephen C. Damschinsky liquid Hair Dye New York Larkin Buffalo Minard’s Liniment Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil Lime And Soda Glass Stopper Kirker Greer Shamrock Belfast Whisky C.W. Link Drug Company 1890s
glyco thymoline mouth wash and nasal spray Canadian bottle digging
bottle digging Canada metal detecting digging for bottles
digging old bottles antique bottles privy digging creek walking
creekwalking urbex urban exploration mud larking
mudlarking where to find old bottles how to find old bottles
bottle digger buried treasure archaeology antique roadshow
bottle show digging for treasure bottle digging tips best finds
greatest finds rare bottles poison bottle collapsible travel cup blob top
fruit pectin yellow bottle UK bottle digging yellow glass honey amber bottle smoking chimpanzee
marbles antique marbles silver brush electrolysis how to electrolysis
挖瓶 копание бутылок ボトル掘り 瓶子 ボトル magic trick
cobalt poison bottle blue poison bottle Father John’s Medicine
hand blown BIM pontil ginger beer stoneware milk glass stopper

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