30+ Best Housewarming Gifts That Every Liquor Enthusiast Needs

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When someone moves into a new home, they are often overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done. If that person loves alcohol, chances are they will set up a bar area and need everything from bar tools to furniture assembly to complete their home. 

One of the best ways to help new homeowners settle is by giving them a housewarming gift. Whether a bar accessory or a cool gadget for making drinks, these are useful items for every drinking session. Here are the best housewarming gifts for liquor enthusiasts!

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Our Top Picks

Mule Science Moscow Mule Mugs SetThis housewarming gift set will be a great highlight for anyone with Moscow Mule at the top of their favorite cocktail list. The 16-ounce mugs are crafted from 22-gauge thick copper sheets and have passed numerous laboratory testing to ensure their safety.

Each copper mug is individually handcrafted to achieve its distinctive hammered design. We love that this set also comes with other accessories, such as coasters, straws, a stirring spoon, a shot glass, and a cleaning brush!

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Trademark Innovations Portable Bar TableIf your friend or family has moved into a small home or apartment, this portable table will allow them to have a mini bar of their own! We are impressed that it can carry up to 65 lbs. of bar essentials which you can store on the shelf under the tabletop. 

Additionally, the table comes with a black skirt that you can attach to it to make it look more presentable. You can also easily fold and store it in its carrying box when not in use.

C Crest All-Purpose Wine GlassesWine glasses are an essential component of any new home’s glassware collection. This set includes eight 12-ounce wine glasses that complement the drink’s pleasant aromas.

Furthermore, they are produced from high-quality glass, making them durable and scratch-resistant. We also like how the glasses are dishwasher-safe without any cloudiness so that you can appreciate the rich color of the wine.

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DeeCoo Whiskey Glasses Set

If you’re unsure what kind of whiskey glasses to give your giftee, this set will be an excellent choice for their new home. It features three different designs: twisted, stud, and diamond. 

We commend these glasses for their clarity, sturdiness, and dishwasher-safe feature. In addition, the material used is free of lead and other harmful chemicals that might diminish the quality and brilliance of the glassware.

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NutriChef Mini Keg DispenserA home will never be known for serving flat craft beer if it has this mini keg dispenser! It is built with food-grade and rust-resistant stainless steel, ensuring durability and heavy-duty performance.

It is also simple to assemble and operate since it comes with all the essential parts and equipment, except the CO2 cartridge. A single cartridge can dispense around 128 ounces of beer, and the keg can keep the drink fresh for up to two months.

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The Wine Savant Tequila Decanter SetIf your friend’s go-to liquor is tequila, this decanter set will make the perfect housewarming gift. It stands out due to the intricate agave-shaped glass in different colors attached to the vessel’s bottom.

The decanter has a 750 ml capacity, while the shot glasses measure 3 ounces each. Moreover, this glassware is crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, known as hypoallergenic.

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Epure Milano Stemmed Cocktail Glass Set

Martini is one of the most iconic cocktails, making it ideal for serving when moving into a new home. This glass set is one of the best ones we’ve come across, with a 6-ounce capacity and a design that boasts the timeless elegance of a martini glass.

They are made of lead-free glass, which is both environment-friendly and long-lasting. In addition, you won’t have to stress over cleaning this glassware because it is dishwasher safe. It is also suitable for other cocktails like Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, and more.

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Libbey Tiki Coupe Cocktail GlassesIf your loved one is aiming for a Tiki-inspired home, these coupe glasses will surely fit their aesthetic! Our favorite part about them is the stems because of their sophisticated amber color and tiki mask shape.

The four glasses can hold about 8.5 fluid ounces and are suitable for serving various drinks. They are also crafted from lead-free and BPA-free glass, ensuring longevity and superior clarity.

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Saint Luna Charcoal Filtered Moonshine“As a Southerner, born and raised in Louisiana, there’s just no other way to warm a new house than by stocking the bar. And bonus points for thinking outside the box and showing up with something unexpected like a beautiful bottle of Saint Luna Charcoal Filtered Moonshine!” says Nikki Prendergast of My Style Diaries.

“The cocktail possibilities are endless, but in my house, we grab Saint Luna every time an espresso martini is in order. Pair a bottle with a couple of pretty martini glasses for a great gift that will leave a lasting impression,” she adds.

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MUJEN Shochu OriginalDebbie Ehrman, Vice president of FINN Partners, says, “Japanese shochu is relatively unknown here in the U.S. but is on the verge of becoming the next big spirits category – which makes MUJEN such a great housewarming gift.”

“The beautiful MUJEN bottles offer a wow factor when opening the gift and will look spectacular on bar carts or in-home bars. MUJEN tastes fantastic and has no carbs, gluten, or added sugar. The Original variety has 35% ABV and slips seamlessly into classic cocktail recipes in place of vodka, tequila, or whiskey,” she further explains. 

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Linall Shot Glass Set

This glass set is one of the most useful things for a liquor enthusiast who likes to host parties at home. We like these 15-ml shot glasses because they are constructed from robust, high-quality glass designed to have thick bottoms and cozily arranged in a durable wooden holder.

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JoyJolt Faye Highball GlassesHighball glasses are always your safe bet for a housewarming gift because of their versatile design. This set is one of the finest, featuring exceptionally durable lead-free crystal glass that allows the glassware to withstand the heat and pressure of a dishwasher.

We didn’t find bubbles in these 13-ounce glasses, indicating they were solidly built. The sturdy, robust base construction also guarantees long life. Whether for cocktails, soda, juice, or water, these glasses are up for the task!

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Moocoo Electric Wine Opener and Accessories

An alcohol lover’s house will most probably be filled with their wine collection, and what better way to open bottles than with this amazing wine accessory set! 

The battery-operated wine opener is perfect for any standard-sized bottle with little physical exertion. We love that this set includes a foil cutter, vacuum stoppers, an aerator pourer, a charging base, and a USB cable.

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AOZITA 24-Piece Cocktail Shaker Bartender KitAdd pizzazz to your loved one’s new home with this 24-piece bartender kit. These professional-grade tools are made from food-grade stainless steel with mirror polishing. Plus, they are all rust and corrosion-resistant.

We appreciate that this set has everything required to make cocktails, including a Boston shaker, muddler, bar spoon, citrus squeezer, and more! It also includes a bamboo stand for easy storage and organization. The best part is that you can get all of them at an affordable price.

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Tosnail Ceramic Japanese Sake SetThis sake set will add a touch of tradition to your giftee’s new home. We adore the gorgeous cherry blossoms and the torii gate designs, iconic symbols in Japanese culture. 

This set includes a 5-inch sake carafe and four 1.8-inch sake cups. All are made of high-quality white ceramic, which is dishwasher and microwave safe. The surface also has a stunning gloss and is stain and scratch-resistant.

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Marbelous Whiskey Decanter

This beautiful decanter will surely be an attention magnet in a liquor enthusiast’s dwelling. It can hold 750 ml of liquor and may be used for various alcoholic beverages, including whiskey, wine, scotch, tequila, and others.

We appreciate that it comes with two decanters and matching stoppers that are easy to remove but keep the vessel airtight. You can also easily clean the glassware in the dishwasher. 

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Wyndham House Liquor Dispenser

We recommend this liquor dispenser as a housewarming gift for fast and effortless alcohol pours. Since it already has drill holes and screws, you can quickly mount this on any wall surface or cabinet.

Moreover, this handy bar equipment can hold four liquor bottles and use ribbed rubber bottle inserts to ensure zero leaking.

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KYWIE Wine CoolerTracy Chester, the Marketing Associate of Hygge Life, suggests this wool wine cooler as a housewarming gift for alcohol lovers. “It is made of 100% natural wool that keeps Champagne or wine cool for hours due to the thermoregulation qualities sheepskin holds,” she says. 

What we love about this product from the Netherlands is its unique material. It is sustainable, soft, and lightweight, which reduces condensation and protects bottles from breaking. You can also bring it for picnics or when traveling when not used at home.

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Ninja BN701 Professional Plus BenderA blender is one of the most useful housewarming gifts for a home bar enthusiast. This device boasts a 1400-watt motor capable of crushing and blending various ingredients due to its sharp and durable blades.

We like the convenience of the three preset programs since they produce smoothies, frozen cocktails, and even ice cream. In addition, this blender has a maximum liquid capacity of 64 ounces.

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FOMANSH Wine Glass Rack

Help your friend arrange and store their wine glasses perfectly with this sleek rack. It can accommodate any stemware with a base of between 4 and 9 cm and a bowl measuring up to 10 cm.

We can guarantee that glasses will be safe in this rack as it’s made with tough and durable iron with a premium-grade coating that ensures no rusting or oxidizing. In addition, the rack’s self-tapping screws allow for simple installation anywhere.

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Tribesigns Home Liquor Bar TableBuilding a home bar takes time, but if you want to give your loved one an instant bar area, this table is for you!  You can prepare cocktails on the top shelf, store bar tools and liquor bottles on the center shelf, and arrange wine glasses in the stemware holder. 

This furniture’s durability and strength are amazing, too, as its frame is crafted from 0.98-inch thick solid iron, combined with metal mesh reinforcement and high-quality wood. We also love that it’s equipped with a footrest to give an authentic feel of a bar counter.

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SUNCOO LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Shelf

Colorful lighting is a great way to add personality to a new house and home bar. With this shelf, you won’t only get some lights but also a convenient spot to store and show off your liquor bottle collection.

It is made from sturdy acrylic and is engineered to hold up to 20 heavy bottles in a stable manner. We like the included remote control to adjust the shelf’s lighting color anytime.

TRIVETRUNNER -ANNA STAY Wall Mounted Wine Rack, Bottle & Glass HolderThis multifunctional wine rack is the perfect addition to a wine lover’s new home. It is made of strong metal with a heavy-duty finish and can be mounted on any wall in a breeze. 

We love its many features, like how you can store five standard-sized wine bottles on the rack, wine corks in the basket underneath, and four wine glasses below the cork storage. It also has free glass charms and faux grapes to design the rack.

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Tenmiro LED Strip LightsTurn your loved one’s dream of building a bar a reality with these bright and lively LED lights! We especially enjoyed its music sync function, which changes the light’s color following the rhythm and beat of any song.

Putting these lights up isn’t hard since it works like a sticker. Plus, you can adjust its brightness via the included remote control or its downloadable app.

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

A sparkling water maker may not be common bar equipment, but it sure is a cool one! It is handy when making cocktails with a fizzy touch from sparkling water. Along with the machine comes two carbonating cylinders, three 1-liter carbonating bottles, and two flavorings.

Furthermore, this device is not difficult to use and only requires a bit of assembling and a press of a button. If you can splurge for a housewarming gift, this would definitely make a great purchase for your family or friend’s new home.

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SMIRLY Charcuterie Boards: Large Charcuterie Board Set

Serving alcohol with food improves the drinking experience, such as at wine parties. With this spacious bamboo charcuterie board set, your loved one can be as creative as they want with the best wine and food pairings.

We are impressed by how much cheese, meats, and fruits you can put on the main board, two drawers, and a round tray. It also comes with knives, utensils, forks, slate labels, a wine opener, and markers – very convenient!

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Nambe Blend Bar Board with Knife

We recommend this reliable cutting board as a practical gift to cocktail-loving new homeowners. The best part is the slot that specifically stores the included knife. 

The board is constructed of Acacia wood, while the knife is made of rust-resistant stainless steel. This will certainly be useful for making cocktail garnishes

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Ferfil Countertop Wine Rack

This wine rack is perfect for new homeowners with limited space. We think its foldable construction is its best feature because it takes little room and makes storage easier.

Its foldability also makes it function as a portable rack. This item features eight slots but can carry up to ten wine bottles.

Costa Farms Money Tree Pachira

The Costa Farms Money Tree is perfect for a new home bar owner who wants to create a positive and inviting space for friends and family!

“Because of its perfect symbolism and favorite houseplant for Feng Shui, I recommend a Money Tree, also known as a jade plant or a friendship tree,” says Jen Stark, founder of Happy DIY Home.

“This plant can bring money and fortune, symbolizing prosperity, nobility, and positive energy, making it an excellent housewarming gift. In winter, the leaves of this low-maintenance succulent turn a stunning golden yellow and red, with white and pink flowers,” she adds.

Spantik Himalayan Salt Lamp BowlHimalayan salt as a rimmer has become so popular that it only makes sense to display its lamp version in a cocktail lover’s new home. Skilled artisans have carved this lamp with great care using genuine salt crystals from Pakistan’s Himalayas.

Additionally, this light will add not only aesthetic value to any residence but also serve practical purposes. Himalayan salt is purported to emit negative ions into the air, increasing serotonin levels and reducing feelings of sadness and stress.

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HOMYSHOPY Bar Serving Cart with Wine Rack

Your loved one can have a bar setup anywhere they want in their home with this serving cart! This three-tier bar on wheels is built from solid metal and premium engineered wood and conveniently designed with a wine rack and glass holder.

Our favorite part is its capacity, storing up to 14 wine bottles and 21 wine glasses. Additionally, it features 360-degree universal casters, two of which have brakes to keep the bar cart in place if needed. Its handle design is well thought out since it doubles as a towel rack.

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Some people want to listen to tunes while making or drinking their favorite librations, and this high-quality soundbar is ideal! It has numerous connectivity choices and compatibility with various output devices.

We like that we can select from three distinct equalizers: a dedicated movie mode, music mode, and dialogue mode. The treble and bass volume and selecting the appropriate music or movie mode can all be done via the remote control.

WEROUTE Cocktail Mixology Recipe Print Poster

A new house will initially have empty walls, but you can remedy that with this interestingly informative poster. It has 30 different cocktail recipes from various countries – perfect for cocktail lovers!

It measures 16 x 24 inches, ensuring it is visible to the designated bartender and guests. Plus, it uses HDR pigment ink and is printed on high-quality canvas, which doesn’t tear or fade easily.

FOLEY Wall Mounted Beer Opener

If your loved one often serves beer, giving them this convenient bottle opener as a housewarming gift will save them from dealing with messy crown caps. The mounting wall is made from top-notch wood, while the opener is constructed of cast iron.

The wood edges are also smoothed out to make it safe and presentable. Moreover, you keep caps dry thanks to its net mesh design and two air holes in the wooden base.

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Amour Infini Classic Kitchen Towels

“I’d recommend stuff they can use but with added creativity or personal touch. Think about kitchen linens—while these are practical housewarming gifts, you can make them more impressive by choosing creative designs or colors that the recipient like. Also, ensure that you choose high-quality linens,” says Marina Vaamonde, Founder of House Cashin.

These gift-ready big towels from Amour Infini are made from environmentally friendly cotton, are machine-washable, and have less lint.

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Silonn Countertop Ice Maker

Thanks to this superb ice maker, your friend’s new home will never run out of ice again! We like how it can produce two different sizes of ice cubes perfect for different beverages. 

The ice maker has a built-in sensor that automatically detects when the ice storage bin is filled and shuts off the machine. Thanks to the transparent lid, you can also monitor the amount of ice yourself.

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Oggi Insulated Ice Bucket

Most people like their alcoholic beverages cold, making this ice bucket one of the best housewarming gifts. We appreciate its double-walled construction that makes ice melt at a slower rate. It also has an acrylic lid to keep the heat out and the ice clean.

Furthermore, it is designed with a convenient carry handle and a holder for the included scoop to prevent drips. This bucket can also double as a cooler for wine or beer bottles.

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NeonCraftsman Custom LED Neon Light Signs

Emily Jiang from NeonCraftsmans recommends their custom neon signs as a suitable housewarming gift for liquor enthusiasts. “These signs are stylish, fashionable, energy-saving, and have a high-quality non-heating silicone light,” she notes. 

You can also personalize the sign to match your giftee’s home bar area, including the text, color, size, and font style.

Panchh Rustic Farmhouse Stone & Cork Coasters

Don’t let water rings destroy beautiful tables at your loved one’s new home! We love this gift set because it includes six coasters with homey greetings.

The coasters are made from sandstone, but the bottom part is covered with a thin cork material to protect furniture from scratches.

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Final Verdict

When buying housewarming gifts, you must understand the homeowner’s requirements and interests. Bar tools and equipment seem the most sensible presents for alcohol and cocktail lovers. However, other items can also be useful for their home bars.

We hope this list helped you choose the best housewarming gift for liquor enthusiasts. Which item do you think homeowners will appreciate the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Best Housewarming Gifts Buying Guide

Gifts, wine bottle, and glass

Housewarming gifts are thoughtful gestures, but choosing something that the homeowners will use and appreciate is important. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting the best housewarming gift:

According to Bobby Pritchard, owner of Smokey Grill BBQ, you should take into account the relationship between you and the giftee.

“If the recipient is a close friend or family member, giving a more personal gift is generally acceptable. Also, pick something related to the home and the future memories and experiences that will be enjoyed. You want your gift to be symbolic of the new house and to almost have a timeless factor,” he added.

Grace Baena, Director of Kaiyo, says, “You’ll want to avoid contributing to clutter, so it’s good to give something with clear utility or function.”

For liquor enthusiasts or those who will set up a home bar, the safest gifts to give them are bar tools, accessories, or furniture. These will make their liquor-drinking experience more enjoyable.

Some bar equipment is more technical than others, like a kegerator, electric wine opener, and carbonator. So, check if the product is user-friendly, easy to use, and includes a comprehensive instruction manual.

Aside from the product’s usefulness, it’s also essential to consider how it looks so it can complement the homeowner’s taste or style. If they are into minimalism, consider a sleek and elegant glass set or wine cart.

For homeowners who prefer a classic look, go for something timeless like a set of copper mugs or decanter. If they’re more into contemporary, look for items with clean lines and bold colors, like a wine rack, piece of furniture, or lights. 

If you don’t know the homeowners’ style, you can opt for products that can adapt to any setting.

Founder of UCAN Production, Anna Chiranova, advises not to over or underspend. “Remember, you’re buying these people a gift, not single-handedly solving all of their decor needs. Therefore, there is no need to go above your limits when it comes to the price of the gift.”

“On the same token, you also don’t want to buy them something cheap that will be of zero value in a year. A good rule of thumb is to spend about $25 to $50 on your housewarming gift,” Anna adds.

However, you can definitely spend $100 or more if you have the means. Items with a price tag like this are often furniture and bar equipment, which are useful and long-lasting and thus worth the splurge.

Martin Boonzaayer, CEO of The Trusted Homebuyer, says that in cases when you don’t know the giftee well, there’s a potential that the housewarming present you choose will not be a hit.

“Even if the recipient graciously takes the present, you may feel like you wasted your money because of this. A solid return policy would be ideal since it would allow the recipient to return or swap the gift if necessary,” he explains.

Housewarming Gift FAQ

People clinking beer bottles at a housewarming party

1. What should I avoid giving as a housewarming gift?

To ensure that liquor enthusiasts will appreciate a housewarming gift, avoid anything that is not essential to their home bar.

Also, avoid giving anything too personal, like a flask or clothing. A housewarming gift is meant to be enjoyed by everyone in the household. Finally, resist the temptation to give a gift that you wouldn’t want to receive yourself.

2. Is it good to give a bottle of alcohol as a housewarming present? 

Yes, especially if it’s a type of alcohol the homeowner likes. One of the most common housewarming gifts is a bottle of wine, usually opened and served during a party. Although it doesn’t last long, it is still a way to celebrate a new home with family and friends. 

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