3D Printing a Liquor Cabinet | 3D PRINTED FURNITURE EP 1

I am working on a new series of 3d printed furniture. I am still pretty new to 3d printing, but I thought it would be fun to share these experiments. I used my Pulse 3D printer to print PLA brackets that connect EMT conduit and poly carbonate to make this 3d printed liquor cabinet. My review for the pulse 3D printer from matterhackers is that it is better than the Robo 3d printers and the Makerbots I used to use.
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Pulse 3D Printer from Matterhackers

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Polycarbonate Panels

Fusion 360 software

My Favorite Fusion Tutorial Videos:

Gorilla 5-Min Epoxy

FormZ software
I used formZ not because it is great software but because I happen to be good at it. I am slowly transitioning to Fusion360.

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