96+ Hr Wine Barrel Bar Build – DIY – Part 1

Hello Viewers!

In this video I go step by step through a 96 hour (hands on time) wine barrel bar build (liquor cabinet). It actually takes about 12 days from start to finish including all of the curing and drying times

I live in a very dry climate (northern Canada) and have needed to develop some special techniques in order to control how these oak barrels move in different climates

Thanks for watching and please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below


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Power Tools that are a must for this project:
Oscillating Saw –
Belt Sander –
Random Orbital Sander –
Cordless Drill –

Barrel Components:
Door Hinges –
Door Hasp –

Lighting Parts:
LED Strip Lights –
Cable Tray –
Motion Sensor –
Wire Spool –
12v Extension –

Epoxy Resin – ArtResin

Orbital Sanding Pads

Music used in this video is from Epidemic Sound!

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