A Dangerous Doordash Alcohol Delivery!

A little after 10 pm on July 27th, 2020 i received an order for “Jane Doe” (real name hidden for privacy), alcohol order from a liquor store with unknown contents. I picked up the order and proceeded for delivery as with any other order. For any alcohol deliveries to complete, Doordash requires drivers to check and scan the customer’s ID.

Upon requesting an ID, i received excuses that it was in her boyfriend “John Doe’s” car. Then, John doe appeared and stated that his car had been towed with the ID’s inside it. I advised them that per state law, i was unable to release the alcohol products without having proof of age and that i would need to return it back to the liquor store.

As i proceed back to my car to inform customer support to cancel the order, all hell breaks lose as you will see in this video. I get chased down and blocked from leaving, repeatedly harassed & intimidated. Jane doe is seen kicking my bike rack and subsequently kicking my rear bumper.

I learned a lot from this experience and will be better prepared for future such situations. I hope that by uploading this video, my fellow delivery partners on any platform can also learn from this experience.

Its been 2 weeks now and Doordash still has not reached out. I suppose that either they do not have a safety department or that they just don’t care!

I overheard John Doe saying that he delivers for Doordash as well. Watch out for this scumbag if he is ever delivering your food in your very own

Los Angeles neighborhood!

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