An Introduction To Stocking Your Liquor Cabinet, And Some Related Thoughts

I just babbled about booze for half an hour. Three things I forgot to mention:
1. With gratitude, I would mention that bottles gifted to me from friends and family have also helped stock what I have. The Bookers bourbon that I mentioned is a lovely example of this.
2. Look for the places with lowest prices, and look for sales. Some bottles you might place outside of your budget/sensibilities, but then you stumble across it on sale for significantly less and there ya go.
3. Sometimes trading with friends is actually a way to get something that is outside of your normal price range, by trading more than one bottle for one that you are really looking for. As long as everyone walks away from it happy, which is always the goal.

I should also mention an exception to what I said about tasting notes not so much being about actual content of those notes. There are some at least semi-exceptions. For example, a sherry cask single malt scotch (that much more so if it’s a wet fill) will of course have some of that grape content from the sherry, though that may well suggest other fruits, etc, that are not literally present. There’s a lot more depth and detail that can be explored beyond this general and basic introduction.

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