April 2022 Update and B.C. Liquor Stores Expert Wine Buying Strategies and Recommendations

Thank you everyone for continuing to view my wine reviews and wine education videos.

In this video, when I am referring to the search function, I mean the search function for my channel (right next to about). You can search by name of wine or usually region and find other videos I have made on similar wines that may interested you. Please also look at my playlist that will group videos in categories. I have over 100 videos so if you like one of my videos, there are probably other videos on the same region or grape varietal.

For those in B.C., the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival is coming up May 19-21, 2022. The tasting room is really great for beginners to try out wines. For those who are bit more experienced, there are some great wine dinners and I hope to attend at least one.

This month’s subscriber shout is: Spiritchaser and Robin Bezemer. Thank you for your continued support of my channel as well as all other viewers and subscribers.

Just a reminder to everyone, I also have other social platforms:

Instagram: I put some pictures of other wines I don’t review here on my instagram page.

Twitter: This is where I put small bits of random wine news.

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