Beer and More To Your Door- Liquor Delivery Prices & Radius

Liquor Delivery Prices (only $5), Grocery Delivery Prices, Restaurant Delivery prices. This video explains how our priceing system works for liquor deliverys (only $5) and everything else we deliver, from grocery Delivery in Victoria to Restaurant Delivery in Victoria. Our Delivery Radius is also explained, along with how to contact us. $5 Liquor delivery Victoria bc, Debit Liquor delivery Victoria bc, Credit Liquor delivery Victoria bc, Smokes delivery Victoria bc, Grocery delivery Victoria bc, Restaurant delivery Victoria bc, Food delivery Victoria bc, Pizza delivery Victoria bc. We deliver from any restaurant in Victoria bc. We deliver from any Fast Food restaurant in Victoria bc. Beer Delivery Victoria bc, Wine delivery Victoria bc, Spirits delivery Victoria bc. $5 for liquor delivery in Victoria bc. Visit our website for a list of some of the things we deliver in Victoria bc. Some of the most common delivery orders include weekly grocery deliverys for seniors, we can deliver most orders in less then an hour no need to pre book your delivery. Flower deliverys for any occasion, Cake deliverys including Ice cream cake deliverys from Dairy Queen. Planning a party let us know everything you need and we can deliver it all from the liquor to the pizza, decorations and gifts one call can do it all. We have a $5 flat fee for liquor deliverys no matter how large the order. Please tell your friends and family about us we proudly support MADD Mothers against Drunk Driving. Our goal is to ensure there is always an alternative to drinking and driving, Call us instead we will deliver whatever you need. The late owner of the company started the company after being hit by a drunk driver. We are proud to continue to ensure that his wish of educating everyone in Victoria that alternatives are available. We will continue to ensure that the flat $5 liquor delivery fee is never raised, our only price increase in our 10 year history has been to add debit and credit at the the door for a $2 fee added only on those transactions. If you are happy with our delivery service please like us on facebook and tell your friends. It is up to all of us to support organizations like mothers against drunk driving and educate our friends and family about alternatives to drunk driving. If you require a designated driver please call our friends at Drivesmart 250-661-0181. To ensure that we always have drivers available and can deliver in a timely fashion delivery orders for anything other then liquor delivery is charged differently then liquor only orders please ask us for quote before your delivery order so we can ensure satisfaction. Cigarettes can be added to your Liquor delivery at no extra charge as long as they are available at the liquor store. Please don’t hesistate to contact us with any questions or concerns 250-882-7861. You can place your delivery order online at or over the phone. There is only one beer and more to your door, if the number is not 250-882-7861 its not us. Thank you please like us on facebook page Beer and more to your door and tell your friends.

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