Beer bottles, Liquor bottles, General Glass Bottles fine grinding | Turning glass into sand : NS

Amey Crushers in glass fine grinding application. This machine is used at large hotels and glass crap originators to make a very fine powder of glass which is easy to handle and reuse.

We have 2 solutions for you, namely Amey Engineers NS series Crusher and PS H MC series Dual Shaft Shredder.
1. Amey Engineers NS Series Crusher for glass
a. Please find an attached offer for 3 models in starting rage of Industrial Crushers. We would suggest you go with NS 300 Crusher with liquid separator trolley arrangement. Also, opt for dust collector if powder filled ampules vials are to be crushed.
b. Below are some videos of NS crushers in glass application
i. – NS 300
ii. – NS 220
iii.   – NS 150 GMP
2. Amey Engineers PS H MC series dual shaft shredders
a. Please find an attached offer for PS H MC shredder all standard models and variation. We would suggest PS 300 H MC with 7 mm blades for your application.
b. Below are some videos of dual shaft shredders processing glass material
i. – PS 300 OH MC GMP Combo
ii. – PS 400 H MC Semi GMP Combo
iii. – PS 600 H MC Combo
Shredder Crusher Comparison
Shredder machine operation is silent than that of crusher machine.
Shredder machine cutters will wear off comparatively slower than crusher machine. The replacement cost of the cutter in the crusher machine is negligible as compared to that of the shredder machine.
The output of the crusher machine will be in the form of more uniformly destroyed pieces. Liquid separation of crushed output gives better result than shredded material.
In Crushers, all sizes will be destroyed 100% even 1ml ampules. Small diameter/length material may slip uncut or half cut in shredder machine.
Cost advantage in case of Crusher

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