Cigars Liquor and More Podcast Excerpt to Episode 16

Cigars and libations can bring relaxation and peace. We help navigate you to the cigar and liquor that brings you peace. Podcast reviews cigars and liquor.
This week we review the H Upmann Hispaniola and paring it with the Grand Old Parr 12 year old blended scotch.
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H. Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez. The Binder is Dominican. Wrapper is Ecuador Sumatra. Fillers include Dominican Pilotico and Andullo and Nicaraguan. A creamy and smooth full flavored smoke. Tastes of notes of toasted almonds, cocoa, cedar and hints of spice. MSRP $8.50.

We both would classify this as a Medium to Full even through it is listed as a full bodied. Darrell thinks he has figured out what is happening to his cigars as far as the splitting and exploding. When he goes through the boxes to figure out what to review next he takes them out of the cellophane. With the activity that his boxes gets and it is most likely that the cigars are getting knocked about and causing the wrapper issues. Who knows. Darrell is going to change his habits to pull the cigars out of the cellophane just enough to get a good smell of it, then slip it back into the cellophane for continued protection. Words to live by: Protect Your Stick!
Mid-way through the stick there are notes of spice and settled into a Medium to Full flavor. A classic band and a reliable brand.
Grand Old Parr 12 Year Blended Scotch. A Diageo product. This whiskey is malty, very scented and cake like. Big on the palate, notably firm-bodied and malty with notes of grain and toasted sesame seeds and a touch of honey. The finish is soothing and long, developing slight lemon grass and pettiness. There seems to be very little info on it. MSRP $24.

With the Chilling cubes in the glasses, both Darrell and Bill can taste the honey flavor. While it is hard to believe Darrell just compared this scotch to Canadian whiskey, but not quite as mild
The notes on this liquor talks about developing slight pettiness. However, I get no peat from this. As it warmed up, the bite gets a little more prevalent, hits the back of the mouth and the honey taste is not as much in the forefront.
A contributor for Forbes magazine Joseph Micallef rated the Parr as the #1 best value blended whiskey for 2018. His #2 was Dimple Pinch 15 year at about $28. Number 3 was Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Batch 27 at $25. #4 Chivas Regal at 12 years at $30. $5 Dewar’s 18 year at $50. In 6th place came The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold for $28. Placing in 7th was the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Centenary Blend, 18 year at $70. Filling the number 8 place is Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V at $310. Joseph Micallef did make a note that 2/3 of all scotch sales are blended scotch.

Check out the article here.

In the end Darrell preferred this warm while Bill liked it better chilled.

This is not necessarily the best combination in the world, but not bad either. Sometimes it works out great, other not so much. Both are good, but we would both pick different things to pair with them. Not sure what yet. Perhaps we will cover it in another episode.

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