Demo | The Liquor Talking | Columbus, Ohio | Crush on You, You Got A Friend, Superstar, Love Song

The Liquor Talking is a cover band of the highest quality in Columbus, Ohio featuring the sultry, sweet voice of Anne Marie Gadd, Mozart’s house pianist Paul Weiss on keys and vocals, and the smooth beats and vocals of Sotero Juan Gebara (Suke). Together they bring an impressive 130+ years of musical experience to your ears.

Whether it’s fine dining, weddings, private events or just the neighborhood bar, their extensive set list and ability to bring you your favorite requests makes them your go-to band for all your entertainment needs!
When it comes to singing, Anne Marie Gadd has an impressive repertoire of styles including Broadway, Classical, Jazz, Pop, and even Barbershop. Studying music and acting at KSU, she formed and led the first women’s barbershop quartet, and self produced her first album. When she’s not with The Liquor Talking, you might find her on stage with the Arena Fair theater troupe in Delaware, Ohio. You’ll forget all your troubles as this leading lady sweeps you away with her sultry sweet vibe and clear tones.
A band wouldn’t be complete without it’s powerhouse, and Paul Andrew Weiss will leave you wanting for nothing as he transforms any song into a toe-tapping journey of sound. This insanely talented Indiana University grad studied alongside the best, including Jim Beard of Steely Dan, and it shows! He formed The Liquor Talking in 2008 in NYC, and has collaborated with Anne and Suke to reform here in the great city of Columbus, Ohio.
Every good band needs someone to ground them, and Suke holds it down in the best kind of way. A native from Bryan-College Station, Texas and a self-taught musician, he began playing drums professionally at age nine with his Dad’s Tejano group. He has played, recorded, toured and managed various types of groups including Tejano, Salsa, Country, Classic Rock, Oldies, Top 40, Pop, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Persian, and Contemporary Christian music, touring cross country at times. He is also an avid vocalist in Spanish and English, adding depth, excitement and interest to the sound of the group.

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