Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with Liquor Coin

Liquor coin is a Binance Smart Chain-based crypto token that acts as exchangeable money, addressing the issue of being unable to spend crypto currencies at shops. We offer the ability to use Liquor coins to purchase numerous brands of liquor in locations across the world that accept crypto currencies.
The world’s first decentralized revolutionary strategy to combining the real economy and the crypto sphere. By merging the trading process on an innovative platform with unique features, Liquor Coin and its application are being created to solve the major problem and real-world issue of monetizing crypto currency price fluctuation.
Beginning with the alcohol sector, we are striving to create an atmosphere that will become the norm for the confluence of the real economy and the bitcoin world.
The Liquor Coin platform is a one-of-a-kind blend of functionality, infrastructure, and social components that sets us apart from the competition.
The most crucial factor in attaining success is the platform’s socializing and the formation of a vast ecosystem around it. The platform is built to suit the needs of a diverse group of participants in the alcohol industry as well as the crypto-exchange community.
Stacking Affiliate Model
Launching on this 30 July 2021
100% BNB smart contract
1% daily ROI in BNB
5% dividend every minute
35% referral commission
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Download Liqrcoin Android Application


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