DIY Liquor Display with Epoxy River v2 // UpStart Epoxy // Weekend Project

Here it is, you have all been asking for me to integrate some new features/finishes to my previous liquor display. I not only used the Upstart Epoxy for the river, but added mug holders on the bottom below the glasses shelf. This is a simple weekend project that anyone can do. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments below. Be sure to like, subscribe, and let me know next what you want to see built. Join the journey as it is just beginning.

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Cut List:
(x2) 1×6 @ 25” / (x1) 1×4 @ 25” / (x1) 1×6 @ 13″ / (x1) 1×4 @ 13″

Materials and Tools Needed:
(x6) 1” Pocket Screws / (x24) 1/2” Screws / Kreg Pockethole Jig / Wood Conditioner / Choice of Stain / Sander with 180 Grit Sandpaper / Power Drill

Piping Materials are all ½”:
(x1) Pipe Coupler / (x5) Pipe 90-degree elbows / (x1) T-Connection / (x7) Flanges / (x5) 1” Piping
(x4) 4” Piping / (x2) 8” Piping

Location of Tools and Materials for Purchase used through this video:

Amazon Items:
– Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig System –

– Kreg SK03 Pocket Hole Screw Kit –

– Dewalt Angle Grinder Tool –

– Kutzall Original Shaping Dish –

– Makita XTR01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Router –

– Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo –

– Makita B05030K 5” Orbital Sander –

UpStart Epoxy Items:
– Table Top Epoxy Resin –
– Mica Coloring Mix –

1: Purchase required materials.
2: Cut (x2) 1×6 and (x1) 1×4 to 25” / Cut (x1) 1×6 and (x1) 1×4 to 13”.
3: Place the (x3) panels of 25” together. Place 3 pocket holes on one side of each of the 1×6 at 25”.
4: Screw the order of wood in place on a level surface, 1×6 / 1×3 / 1×6.
5: Use shaping disc to carve out section from top left to bottom right for epoxy run.
6: Prepare table top epoxy, just 1oz (ratio 1:1). Apply light coating of table top epoxy to the carved-out portions of the wood.
7: Allow pre-coat epoxy to dry before placing down the remaining epoxy into the run. You will mix 8oz (ratio 1:1) for the remaining pour of table top mix. Ensure the mixing it good before pouring. Mix in any color if you want at this time.
8: Pour the epoxy down the run, ensuring it is a level surface. Let sit overnight.
9: Use a duct tape roll to half-moon design the corners. With a Jig-saw, cut them out. Use a trim router to them round all the edges.
10: This is the exciting part. Burn/scorch the wood to give some rustic feel to it. Sand down everything again to 220 grit.
11: Place together all piping in order.
12: Prepare all wood for stain. Conditioner or sections of the wood. Wait five minutes and wipe off the excess. Proceed to stain all pieces and let dry for minimum of 4hrs, sand wood down up to 400 grit and re-stain if needed.
13: Attach the shelves and piping to the panel. Bottom shelf sits at 5” from the bottom and the top shelf sits at 13 ½” from the bottom. Use ¼” screws to attach flanges to the panel.
14: Affix panel to the wall and display your pieces. Ensure you use drywall anchors or hit the studs as much as possible.

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