Empty Bottle Packing Machine for 180ml Oval – Liquor Bottles

Empty Bottle Packing Machine is the perfect labor-saving component to meet the demands of high-speed Packing Lines. Empty Bottle Packing Machine is designed to form a matrix of containers (i.e. 8×8; 6×8, etc) and push the complete matrix in to the bag for packing. No longer are employees required to manually place the bottles one by one in the bag with proper arrangement – an otherwise tedious and time consuming task.

Why Automatic Empty Bottle Packing Machine?
• Good Speed and Fully Automated
• Matrix size can be as per your requirement
• No changeover parts at bottle changing which provides minimum time for bottle changeover.
• Increases efficiency and productivity for production lines
• It can workout for any shape like round, oval, square, etc. It is enable for unsymmetrical shape of bottles also.
• Contact parts are resistant to flaking, chipping, scuffing so will not cause any cosmetic damage to containers
• Saves money through efficient use of personnel
• Minimal operator training required
• Fast adjustment reduce downtime and maximize uptime
• Built to be reliable, trouble-free and dependable for years of operation
• INDIAN made-easy access to spare parts and service assistance
• User friendly & maintenance less design.
• Low noise level at higher speed.

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