How Barmetrix Does Liquor Inventory

This is where most audits begin. I’m just going to take you through the process real quick so you can get an idea of how our liquor inventory process works.

Each bottle has a unique barcode, whether it’s a 750, a liter, or a handle— we know what that barcode represents with the weight of a full bottle.

We also take into consideration the weight of the pour spouts, so we know exactly what this configuration should weigh when we scan it.

We put it on the scale and the system recognizes it and gives us a weight of 83%— so we know exactly how much liquid is in that bottle. We can easily scan and weigh open and full bottles.

Kegs are just like bottles, we have a scale and a keg and a beginning weight and an end weight. Whether it’s a sixer or a quarter-keg, or a barrel so here I’ve got an example of a quarter keg.

We put the keg on the scale and we get weight, then we enter that in our system and that will tell us exactly what this keg weighs. We reconcile that against your sales file and everything that you sold— whether it’s pitchers, pints, or towers— we know exactly what should be in this keg relative to what is in this keg.

And that’s how we manage your beer program.

Each audit is comprised of four critical data points: what you had, what you have, what you bought, and what you sold.

We want to get all your invoices so we know exactly what you purchased over the period from your last audit to this one.

We also want to pull POS sales files so we know exactly what you sold from the last time we audited to this time.

So here we are at the end. We consider this part—what we call the double-check process to be the most important step in our audit process.

The double-check is where we’re looking for any anomalies; things that just don’t look right in the business. It could be an unusual loss or unusual gain. We verify all the invoice information on your purchases and verify that we’ve got everything mapped correctly from your sales files to our systems, and if something still shows off then we’re going to go and we’re going to double-check or double count our products on that list to make sure we haven’t made any counting errors.

Next, we look at all the information we’ve harvested from your audit today, and we’re looking for the biggest opportunities in your business— where we can drive more information and more profitability into your business that you can activate on. It’s really important to us that we identify the wins in your business, as well as the opportunities— there’s a lot of good that happens and we want to highlight that.

We identify “spotlight items” where your biggest opportunities are so you can get focused on the things that matter the most in your business. We’re going to find those biggest opportunities and give you the coaching points so you can close the gap on those opportunities and make as much money as you possibly can in your business.

Barmetrix does all this, too:

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