How to Get a Liquor License: Cheat Sheet for All 50 States

We’ll show you how to get a liquor license, regardless of which state your business is located in. Obtaining a liquor license can be tedious for business owners because the process is multi-faceted and bureaucratic. Our video is designed to arm business owners with all the information they need about how to get a liquor license so they can go about the process confidently. For our complete guide, visit:

Our video covers:

Required documents for obtaining a liquor license (0:24)

How to determine the type of liquor license you need (1:00)

Filling out the liquor license application (2:26)

Understanding license quotas (3:29)

Maintaining your liquor license (4:18)

In this video, we provide a basic overview of how to get a liquor license. This video is not intended to provide legal advice or to form a professional relationship. We suggest contacting a business lawyer for advice specific to your circumstances.

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