How to Insure Convenience, Grocery & Liquor Stores

Acquire a better understanding of Convenience, Grocery and Liquor Store exposures. Learn about what coverages these classes of businesses need. Your underwriter will teach you how to obtain a competitive quote.

Grocery & Convenience Stores Eligible Exposures:

New ventures
Coverage for stores open 24 hours
Grocery stores with cooking
Gasoline sales
Lapse in coverage
With or without retail alcohol sales
Up to 100% liquor receipts
Check cashing
Propane tank exchanges

Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores Eligible Exposures:

New ventures & risks with on-premise tastings
Risks with delivery are eligible
24-hour stores
Admitted & non-admitted markets

Classes of Business CID Can Write:

Convenience Stores
Liquor Stores
Grocery Stores
Mini Marts
Tobacco Shops
Hookah Stores and Lounges
Gas Stations
Grocery Stores with Cooking
Seafood Stores
Diary Products, Meat, Fish, Poultry Stores

Requirements for a Competitive Quote:

Acord 125, 126 & 140
Convenience & Grocery Store Supplemental
Loss Runs, if available
Separate out grocery/convenience food sales, liquor sales, hot food/deli sales, lottery sales, gas station sales, car wash & auto repair sales

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CID Insurance Programs is an E&S Wholesaler specializing in commercial insurance products designed for independent and captive insurance brokers’ business client’s needs.

Our wholesale business insurance products encompass a broad range of preferred to manageable hard-to-place risks. CID Insurance has developed strong relationships with both admitted and non-admitted markets. Our commitment is to make the quote and bind process fast and easy for our retail insurance brokers.

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