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Bright, delicious and refreshing, this Summer Spritz cocktail recipe is perfect for entertaining. Melbourne mixologist Luke takes us through how to make it.

Which cocktail do you want to see in our next challenge?

Drink responsibly.

Refreshing Summer Spritzer:
The batch:
• 3 parts Hendricks gin
• 2 parts Vero aperitivo
• 1 part grenadine

The spritz:
• 30mls prepared batch
• 60mls sparkling wine
• 30mls essenza (sparkling water)
• 10mls lemon juice
• Ice
• Cucumber (to garnish)

Prepare your gin, aperitif, grenadine batch using a 3-2-1 ratio. In this video, our batch serves 6 people, so Luke used 90mls of gin, 60mls of Vero, and 30mls of grenadine for 180mls total liquid.

When you’re ready to serve, add lemon juice to a large wine glass. Add cocktail batch and top with sparkling wine and essenza or sparkling water in a flavour of your choice. Fill glass with ice and garnish with a few slices of cucumber. Enjoy!

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