LABELSTIK-Excel Series Hologram and Excise Tax Stamp Labelling Machine for Liquor and Beer Bottles

Brothers Make Hologram or Excise Tax Stamp Labelling Machine suitable to apply the Label in ‘L’ or ‘U’ Shape on the capped bottles. Machine can handle various sizes and shapes of bottles such a Oval, Flat, Talisker, Round, Rectangular, etc. Labelling Machine comes with Bottle Separator Device, Bottle Top Stabilizing Belt for steady movement of bottles on moving conveyor as well as Label Pressing Unit. Labelling Machine also have Optional Features such as Safety Glass Cabinet Doors, Label Roll Ending Alarm, Missing Label in Roll, Downstream & Upstream Interlocks, Outfeed Jam Sensor, Infeed Bottle Low Sensor, etc. Models available for Low Speed as well as High Speed Lines. For more details contact us.

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