Liquor bottle capping machine, wine bottle capping machine in Tanzania, liquor cap sealing machine

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Next Packaging offers semi-automatic Screw Capping Machine for capping bottles and containers. This economical, simple and time tested machine is widely used in pharmaceutical Chemical, Pesticide, Food , soap and oil industries for air tightly capping of bottles. Caps are placed on the bottles manually and placed under the rotating head of the machine which then caps the bottle.

Some Salient Features :
• The machine is made compact & versatile.
• S.S. Elegantly Matt Finished Body.
• Front side control panel.
• Easy & quick setting.
• Up down head movement through motor & cam.
• Head movement through motorized in capping machine.
• No change parts required.
• Low noise level, low power consumptions.
• Adjustable bottle height gauge tor easy and quick setting.
• SS cladding or hard chrome platting of all outside parts to prevent against corrosion.
• Sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and size of caps.

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